The Birth of a Charm

From Wood to Deer

Ever wonder how a tiny piece of jewelry can be so intricate? That was the neat thing about my recent trip to California to see how Brighton jewelry is created, I got to see how a tiny little reindeer charm was born.

It’s really quite simple; I’m sure Brighton won’t mind my sharing. They love competition. So, create a design, not a computer design, get out your pen and paper. Great. Now, get a block of wood and cut out your design in 3-D. Cool, huh? Okay, now take some super laser technology and miniaturize your design to perfection. Now, your design is ready to come to life. Simple isn’t it? Hmm. I don’t know about you but I’m not a good artist, I’ve already stabbed myself with a knife and florist block, and me and a laser do not sound like a good idea…period.

Hmm. Guess I’ll just tell all my customers HOW this little deer was made and call it a day.


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