This Valentine has Fur

Lenox's sweet hello

The store is ready for Valentine’s Day. The guys are running in searching for the perfect goodie for their special love. But, on my desk each morning to greet me is my personal Valentine – Lenox. She fetches her baby toy each morning to give me some exercise, she catches and kills all wayward plastic bags sitting around in our office and she has carefully enlarged the screen on my computer to be sure my aging eyes will see everything better – now if I could just figure out how the undo the last “gift” I’d be even happier. She does all this because I am her Valentine. I brought her to the Silver Barn and introduced her to all sorts of friends. I took her on vacation when we were closed for the holidays. I give her hugs and kisses because she does the same. This Valentines my wish is that any little kitten or puppy sitting on the side of the road find a loving home where they can fetch toys, kill plastic bags and help their friends see the computer better. Happy Valentine’s to all my 2 and 4 legged friends. You make my every day special.


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