Spring Cleaning – Retailer Style


Between the Gift Market and a trip to Los Angeles (more on that coming up), then back to market for Apparel, I’ve been out of the store a lot. When I finally landed back at home base I felt the need to start my spring cleaning. Yes, I know it is only February, but with all the great stuff I saw I just wanted to get ready for its arrival.

So, I completely redid the baby area. If one single strand can undo an entire sweater, then I have re-knitted an entire area. By the time I was done it was not only ‘ready for spring’, it was rebuilt, remodeled and renovated.

Now, on to the rest of the store.




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2 responses to “Spring Cleaning – Retailer Style

  1. You’ve made it all look so very inviting. I wish I lived just a little closer to you so that I could visit.
    Kind regards,

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