There Is More Than 1 Way to Skin a Cat!!

Woodland Christmas

As most of our friends and customers know, we have a store kitten, Lenox. If you’ve visited recently, you have noticed a half decorated Christmas tree upstairs. You may wonder why. The answer is, well, we have a tree cat. Yes, Lenox thinks the trees have been brought in for her amusement. She likes to surprise customers as they reach for an ornament, by taking the ornament back! She likes to leap from high branches to the shoulder of unsuspecting friends…mostly me. She thinks the ornaments are to be brought to my desk, downstairs, at the back of the building. Guess how many have made it that distance intact?

Therefore, we have taken a new approach to decorating this season. All trees will be festooned with lovely bows and ribbons available for purchase. All ornaments will be placed in baskets around and near the tree for all of our friends to use their own imagination and decide how to use their ornaments. For some reason, Lenox has no desire to take things off tables, counters or other displays. It is the tree that is the object of her desire. She has not read the retailer handbook of decorating for the holidays…she likes to un-decorate.

So, come by The Silver Barn and enjoy the baskets of ornaments…in fact, now that I look at it, I kind of like this novel way of decorating for the season!

I'm sorry, I can't help myself


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