Let’s Bring Thanksgiving Back!

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And, here we go….The seasonal quick change is underway for retailers everywhere. We quickly move from witches and ghosts to snowmen and Santa. WHOA! Wait just one cotton-pickin’ minute! Wasn’t there a season in between that had something to do with turkeys, pilgrims and a little thanks? I walked into an unnamed store the other day in Houston to pick up some tealights and noticed a winter wonderland. I had to stop and check the calendar on my phone. I was right, it was still November. Which means Thanksgiving DOES still have the floor ladies and gentlemen! Yes, it is tempting to put out all those holiday goodies and relish in the world of reindeer and twinkling lights. But, I must say, I think the poor turkey – the Rodney Dangerfield of seasonal doings – deserves a minute on the stage of attention. I also think we need to stop and say thanks for being able to do a job we love…even when it is 3 a.m. and we are still hanging twinkling lights from the ceiling. It is an honor to do as we please. Decorate as we see fit. Tell the corporate office to hush up – especially since we ARE the corporate office. So, to all my friends in retail land who are also giving the turkey season a little table space – this leg’s for you! Thanks for remembering, giving thanks and enjoying one little respite before the Santa invasion.

See you next week with garland galore!!



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2 responses to “Let’s Bring Thanksgiving Back!

  1. Applause, applause! I totally agree. Thanksgiving has become such a forgotten time. I have seen Christmas trees in the stores since the end of September, and I just saw the sign at the mall that Santa arrives this Saturday! He certainly will be tired after spending a month and a half listening to kids’ wish lists:-)

    Let’s remember to give thanks, not only now but all year.

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