The Store is Not A Family

1985 Christmas

Sometimes it is nice to stop and remember that if we are doing something we truly love, we are very lucky people. Very lucky people who are surrounded by a family that understands our passion, or at least “deals with it.”

Tomorrow, my daughter turns 25. Today I went through old pictures so I could spend the entire day tomorrow posting pictures of her on Facebook. Today I also took her to the airport so she could go to New York on business. She is all grown up and it is important we remember they are babies but for a moment. My store is wonderful, I love the customers, I love the creativity….but my family is always first, even when they think they aren’t. It could be Christmas Eve and if they needed me, the store would be in the rear view mirror.

Tomorrow she’ll be working in New York and I’ll be working at my little store in Columbus. There was a time in my life when I was the one in New York working with magazine editors. The torch is passed, and passed with pride. Being an owner of anything is just about an obsession….24/7 you dedicate your life to making things better and making a living. This is much like being a parent…only difference is you want them OFF your payroll! But, you want them to have a better future, learn from your mistakes, enjoy the day because one 24 hour period soon adds up to a lifetime of memories. 25 years ago today I was waiting for her birth. Today I wait for her call all is safe as she ventures forth. THIS is what life is about. A store, a job, whatever you do is merely to keep you from sitting next to your kid in class, driving them around like Miss Daisy forever and living their life. A store is a creative outlet. A daughter, a family is a blessing from God.

Happy birthday baby!



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2 responses to “The Store is Not A Family

  1. Amen! I’ve got that same kind of adoration for my children. Although my business keeps me busy all the time, I’m always there when my children need me, and I love them the most!

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