Season Changes…Coming Up Next

Well, another Halloween is about to be, “one for the history books” and we retailers march on to the next season. Yes, I know I’m one of those rare ducks who refuse to put Thanksgiving ahead of Halloween, Christmas ahead of Labor Day, and Valentine’s before the last drop of New Year’s champagne. So, my turkey has booted the black cat to the sidelines and the velvet pumpkins have gone from their witchy glow to one of warmth and family gatherings. In 24 hours Boo will be packed away for another spooktacular season and the store will be filled with pumpkin spice…umm, so nice!


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One response to “Season Changes…Coming Up Next

  1. Karen

    It is so refreshing to see that you actually take the holidays in their own special order and that the calendar rules! Good for you! I hate it when Halloween is on the shelves when we are all still in the 4th of July frame of mind. And Christmas before Columbus Day – what is that!!
    Keep up the spirit and many Happy Holidays to you and The Silver Barn.

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