Oh, THANKS For the “Help”

Why is being an entrepreneur so fun? You get to set your own hours, you get to make your own decisions, you get to do it ALL! Well, sort of….I find you also get to be some sort of IT expert, a plumber, stock clerk, maid, and on a good day…marketer, buyer, merchandiser and customer appreciation expert. What I, the delighted entrepreneur, DON’T need is an assistant who would rather chew, sit on, push under the table, or sleep on all my work. So, dear “assistant” stick to being cute and adorable. Focus on entertaining customers. Keep meandering creatures at a distance. Chase your “doogie” toy…and, yes, even though it does take about 20 minutes each morning I’ll continue to play fetch with you and “doogie”. But, do not send IM’s, open emails and change all my Facebook accounts by laying on my keyboard. The IT expert at this establishment is not all that reliable, especially if she has just cleaned the toilets!


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