“Alright Everybody, Get In Line!”

The Lineup

The cast of characters are lining up. Everyone is excited. Today the store begins the transition to one of my favorite seasons….Halloween. My daughter was born the day after Halloween and since that day, Halloween has been an important event at our house. Now that I have the Silver Barn I really enjoy sharing the fun and festivities with my friends and customers. Tomorrow, October 2 at 10:00 we celebrate our 3rd Annual Witches’ Tea and I introduce a little retail magic. No Halloween merchandise has been out until the party (hear that Wal-Mart?), and the store will be transformed. Today, all the characters are lining up, ready to take their places, ready to cast a spell on all who enter into our little Halloween shop. These are the kinds of celebrations that make my day. Tomorrow kicks off the holiday season and tomorrow is a fun, fun day for the old retail entertainer!!


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One response to ““Alright Everybody, Get In Line!”

  1. jen

    lol… i’m staging halloween @ my house too. found my door decor @ warrenton but i don’t display it until this evening. this morning was too crazy.

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