When An Event Is More Than An Event

I love this time of year. In some parts of the country there is actually a crispness in the air…that would be in other places, not here. But, I do think this is a great time of year.

Part of why I love this time of year is how we kick off the season – starting with our 3rd Annual Witches’ Tea next Saturday. Our Witches’ Tea is more than a way to launch all our ghoulishly fun products, it is a memory in the making. It is creating a time when kids remember coming to their local store, decked out in their Halloween finest, decorating some sort of holiday project, and spending time with friends. A store like ours is the sort of place they will always remember, and wish their kids could experience.

All of those of us who are independent retailers it is our job to making shopping fun, like we remember when we were a kid. It is also part of what makes having a store so much fun. Helping create memories!

See you at the Witches’ Tea….bring your costume…we’ve got the punch and cookies!


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