Supporting The Community…Any Way You Can!

Columbus Cardinal Booster Ornament

I have lived in all sorts of cities…Dallas, Las Vegas, Chicago, San Antonio. Now, I reside in the rural community of Columbus, Texas. Population 4,000 and change…Ya-Hoo. When some ask if I miss the big city environment, I say they are all pretty much the same. You claim your neighborhood and that is what you get to know. So actually, in Columbus I’m supporting a bigger neighborhood. The entire town! I am lucky enough to have opened The Silver Barn in a place where I get to know the folks. Get to see the babies turn into toddlers. Get to hug those who need a hug…sometimes that hug is needed by me. I get to help older customers try to find the right bridal gift – and in this town they get invited to hundreds of weddings a year it seems. Finding just the right gift can become a challenge. But, that is half the fun.

I also see my store as a great way to give back to our community. So, in 2009 we developed a holiday ornament that benefited an outstanding organization or group. It wouldn’t be a huge donation, but it would be a donation from a new source. Last year benefited the Columbus Christian Women’s Organization. An outstanding group that helps so many wonderful people in our area. They will get a check this November for $540. Shh, don’t tell them. They don’t know yet! For 2010, I’m proud to unveil our new ornament designed again by Kitty Keller Designs of Seguin, Texas…The Columbus Cardinal ornament benefiting the Columbus Booster Club.

It is a small thing to do for the community. But I’m sure every retailer out there agrees. Giving to the community is so rewarding in so many ways. We are all lucky to have great customers who love what we offer. I think I am lucky to be able to give a little something back every once in awhile.


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