Thanks for Supporting The Silver Barn…love, Cyn & Lenox!!

Lenox at work

After Labor Day it seems the days become a blur as we race to Halloween, decorate for Fall, present Thanksgiving, unleash Christmas…and then, it is all over. Time to look forward to the next Labor Day and get ready to ride the roller coaster all over again. So, before it becomes all a distant memory, Lenox and I wanted to take a moment to say thanks. Thanks to our Twitter friends who support and encourage us every day. Thanks to our customers who come in, say hello, take Lenox for a walking tour of the store, and enjoy all our fun new finds. Thanks to our brides. Boy, did you make our first bridal year a year to remember. We love being a part of your home. Thanks to Denise, our UPS super star. Without you, package delivery just isn’t as much fun. Thanks to The Flower Garden, Calico Hens & Home Design Studio…our other local retailers. Retail is so much more fun with friendly competition and encouragement. Thanks to my husband, Bill. Anyone who ever visits our store knows how much he is there to support and make this all come together. Thanks to my daughter Cydney for opening her Velvet Frog apparel store in our store and adding to our success. Thanks to some of our favorite reps – Peg, Peggy, David, Jennifer & Pam. You guys are wonderful.

Retail is a wonderful thing, it is also a lonely endeavor at times – especially when you are balancing those bank statements and searching for the old MC deposit! But, when a customer comes in or calls and says we have the perfect item, I feel like I’m surrounded by thousands of great folks.

As for Lenox? I think she is just happy to be adored, have someone to play fetch with, have a spot in the front window and a willingness to try to keep our books balanced!

Tomorrow we start with all the new products we have in our store. Thanks for stopping, shopping and supporting daily. We’ll leave a light on for ya’!



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2 responses to “Thanks for Supporting The Silver Barn…love, Cyn & Lenox!!

  1. Jennifer Wood

    I enjoy your blogs and especially was happy to see the topic of this one. Then a really nice surprise—the call out to your reps! I hope I’m not being presumptious —-am I the “Jennifer?” If so, what an honor! If not, there is another Jennifer out there that I need to beat out!!

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