Ready for Fall? Yes, Indeed-y!

Texas’ interpretation of fall, is a quick gust of wind where all the leaves fall off the trees…this takes about an hour! In otherwords, fall is short here, and it doesn’t really arrive until Halloween, no matter what any weather-type says. Therefore, when we start to get the store ready for fall, it is more of a transition from summer colors to soothing fall colors. You note, I do NOT say warm colors of fall, that is hot upon hot around here. To welcome a season I much prefer, I made a little change at the front of the store to say…ah, welcome the-5-minute-seasonal change! A day below 100 is almost sweater weather!

Enjoy your fall whether it is 50 or 95! I plan to – although, I would enjoy it if my Chicago friends would send a little of that crisp, fall air to me FedEx so I could enjoy it a little longer.


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