The Art of Entertaining


There is something about entertaining family and friends that excites some and puts a chill down the backs of others. Coming from the former philosophy where a party, while stressful, is filled with excitement, I find it hard to grasp why others don’t want anything to do with the idea. Is it partly because we just don’t do it much anymore? No setting fancy tables, no linen napkins, no china and crystal…no muss….no fuss? I wonder.

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to host a high tea bridal shower for my cousin. It was the most fun to prepare, the most fun to enjoy and the comments would make you want to do it all over again. If I heard it once, I heard it a dozen times, “this was such fun,” “not seen a luncheon like this in years,” “we must do this sort of thing again.” It WAS great fun. It WAS beautiful. And, I WILL do it again.

When I was back in the store this week I was reviewing our cookbooks and noticed how much I love the new cookbooks we have. Not that I NEED another one, but now they are so filled with fabulous photographs to show ways to decorate your table, theme your party, pull it all together. This is what people need to inspire them. We are a visual society now, cookbook authors need to incorporate the whole decorating idea right along with the recipes. And, I’m glad I have so many books here that do just that. I love Julia Child, but her cookbooks are like reading the dictionary. I need Julia mixed with a dash of Charo. Don’t know that Charo cooks, but boy does she sizzle. Maybe if we could all figure how to make a party sizzle we might be willing to stand over that sink hand washing those dishes a bit more often. I know I would…and I also sell darling rubber gloves to make the chore more attractive!!


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