When Is Perfume Like A Store?

Shelley Kyle

We all are affected by smells. Some make us feel romantic, some make us feel fresh, some just lighten our mood. It is the same way when you enter a store. Some stores just have that welcoming smell. I think that is one reason (among many) that department stores seem lacking. They just don’t have the right smell. They don’t make you want to take them home with you. It is also why I’m so selective in the fragrances, be it candle or bath and body, that enter our doors. I want our customers to enjoy the waft of aroma. Whether they buy it or not, they remember the scent and the store. I want products that represent the look of our store, a sort of elegant vintage feel. Again, I’m making an impression on another sensory – visual. Shelley Kyle was selected for all those reasons. She has fabulous taste in design, fabulous fragrances and it is as if she created the product for our store. I think her product is a great mix. We hope you will come in soon and enjoy the sights and smells of Silver Barn. We’ll leave a scent on for ya’!


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