Lenox Speaks


My job is never done! That is all I can say. Here I am, resting by the cards to make sure they get some attention. I understand they are very funny. People laugh when they read them. I’m assuming they are NOT laughing at me. But, I must admit, this is a great perch to greet visitors, lure them over here and suck ’em into the rest of the store. I realize the store is pretty cool and all, but I think I’m doing an excellent job as official greeter.

And, hey, stop asking about Vegas. There’s a new game in town and I’m it. She refuses to come out in this heat and visit the store, so let her sit back at home perusing catalogs all day. I don’t need no stinkin’ help. Have a nice day!!


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Filed under Country Living, Gift shop, Gifts, Pets

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