Time Marches On


It’s 110 in the shade as they say in Texas, and I’m fretting about Christmas! What is it about being in retail that turns us into a split personality – one leg in the present and the other firmly elsewhere in the future? Anyone can say they live in the future, but those of us in retail can swear it was just Easter. Well, it was, we were just at market buying Easter, came home to a hot summer – threw 4th of July out – organized our holiday offerings and unpacked ghosts, goblins and turkeys all in the same week. Sybil never had anything on a retailer personality.

Now, as the clock ticks down to the end of summer and we gear up for the insanity of the season to come, it is time for all retailers to stop, stand facing east and recite – “I will enjoy the season, I will live in the moment….as soon as I retire!”

To all our friends who are not in the retail biz, we really are delighted to move from season to season on a daily basis, really we are. But, there are days we think it is 55 degrees with Christmas carols, walk out our door to almost die in oven known as summer! It IS a shock to the system. But, if we didn’t love it, we wouldn’t do it season after season. I’m excited to see fall coming, excited to share all the goodies hiding in our warehouse, excited to see if I lived up to your expectations of what Silver Barn is. I look forward to your response…just remind ME that we are in August, THEN September and so on, and so on…as I have no clue what month or day I’m in half the time!


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One response to “Time Marches On

  1. jen

    i adore this clock and if i can find a spot in my little house to put it… i will buy it. love the carnival spinning wheel vibe of this clock. 🙂

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