MOGO What?

What makes a product hot? Pet rocks, Cabbage Patch Kids, Beanie Babies, Silly Bandz are a few that come to mind and make us all shake our head and think – geez, I could’ve come up with that. In most cases, especially Silly Bandz I just couldn’t get it. Oh, I get the collecting and trading back and forth, which is what I think is crucial for the trend. But, when I went to market this season I wanted to find something new, something clever, something the kids would like and the parents would like as well. I wanted something that hasn’t been out there for the last year, all over the news and headed to extinction. The last thing any retailer wants is to get stuck with a hot-now-cold product. I was excited when I found the MOGO Bracelet. I felt they were clever, unique and they weren’t everywhere. The bracelets are nicely done, the magnets that snap on to the metal on the bracelets are cute – and great for trading!
MOGO arrived and I see a trend emerging. It is amazing how it has done. I’m looking forward to seeing if they can stay ahead of this super fast curve they are hitting. What will they do to add to the fun? What will they do to keep customers wanting more? How long will they last? Ah, that will be the million dollar question. Will MOGO stay around long enough to join the ranks of Beanie Baby, or will it end on the bottom shelf like Furby? The sales we have had thus far shows potential, but the experts have not gone back to school where they will discuss MOGO’s future and decide if it will make it. Stay tuned, the experts will soon let us know if we made the right “hot trend” decision.



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2 responses to “MOGO What?

  1. jen

    my 14yo daughter is wearing a MOGO bracelet as well as my 37yo best friend. 🙂 i think i see a MOGO bracelet in my future as well.

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