Purr-sonality S-purrs Sales!!

Lenox Starts Her Greeting Duties

What is it about a store with a pet on staff that makes everyone seem to be a bit…in love? We recently acquired a baby kitty at home and I brought her to the store. She moved in like a hand into a glove. In just three days she has discovered that sauntering her sweet baby self out in front of customers is the way to get held, loved and cuddled. Now, the question is, are folks so entranced they don’t shop as much?? Oh, who cares! (My bank does. However, I’ll take her to make my meager deposit and I’m sure they’ll be fine!) So, what does a store pet do to a customer psychologically? Should Macy’s invest in a dog for men’s apparel? A cat for cosmetics? Perhaps they need to start with employees. Will a store kitty make Silver Barn more fun, exciting, better value, better assortment? No, but it will help people relax and stay awhile. THAT is what I think a store pet does, makes your customers feel they are at home with friends.
So, what about our spokescat, “Vegas”? Oh, she is still here, she has just decided she is getting too old to entertain kids and look cute and cheerful. She prefers to stay in the background.
With that, may we introduce “Lenox”, our tiny, 13-week old tortoise Calico. She will be standing guard ready to snuggle, purr and generally entertain all our friends.


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