How to Impress The Tooth Fairy


Remember when you lost that tooth that had been jiggling for days, causing you more aggravation than pain? Remember when you sister offered to pull it out “just because”? Remember the next morning finding a quarter under your pillow?
Well, today the jiggling and aggravation are still the same, your son is now offering to wrench your daughter’s tooth out by the roots, and yet there is much that is different. The quarter is now $1 (or more) and instead of wrapping that treasured, bloody tooth in a tissue, you have found a fabulous tooth box at The Silver Barn to make the whole tooth-loss experience special.
Created for us by Kitty Keller Designs out of Seguin, Texas, these beautiful little cloisonne boxes are a great way to celebrate another milestone – loosing those baby teeth. We like having unique products and I must say the tooth fairy box is a fun, new product for our baby assortment. If this doesn’t impress the tooth fairy, causing her to leave a little extra for her stylish customer, nothing will!
P.S. This makes a great baby gift! No one else will think of it (unless they are reading this first!)


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