Silver Barn Takes A Tiny Detour Tonight.

Where are YOU going?

Anyone who follows The Silver Barn on Twitter, Facebook and this blog, knows I arrived here seven years ago from Chicago. Yes, I’m a native Texan, but Chicago was a special place and time for me. Now, I am in a town that would barely fill the Wrigley Field “bleacher bums” section. Why the reflection and not my typical little ditty on a fun new display, hot new product or some other great feature of my store? Because I want everyone to remember that life is a journey and each turn of the road has both beautiful vistas and broken bottles along the way.

I was lucky enough to find a great love, a great life and start a great dream – opening The Silver Barn. Yesterday, I was unlucky enough to have to watch my love bury his father. This was a man who taught my husband patience, humility and punctuality. Bill sees the clock as an exact medium – I see it merely as a suggestion. I know where my husband got his beautiful blue eyes. I know where my husband got his faith in God. I know I am the luckiest person in the world. Even on days when there is sadness in our life, it is better than the best day riding along Lakeshore Drive.

So, as you travel down the road enjoy the ride, you never know what the next turn will hold – a vista or a bumpy road. I am finally learning to enjoy them both. Guess my father-in-law (in just a few short years) managed to pass along some wisdom to me as well. Good night Wilbert Otto Stolle, I know the ride home was full of beautiful vistas.



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2 responses to “Silver Barn Takes A Tiny Detour Tonight.

  1. marianne rohde

    Cynthia, I just read this entry, it is so beautiful and touching…I’m just so sorry for your loss.
    PS, you really are a great writer.

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