This Grill’s For YOU

Top Selling Pieces

The snow is melting away….well, sort of. The trees are blooming…DEFINITELY. Temperatures have actually tickled the 70’s and 80’s…even if for a day. So, what does that mean? It means GRILLIN’ TIME IS A COMIN’. So, let us help you make that time at the grill stress free…and delicious. Wilton Armetale is one of our favorite products, an American company that has spent years creating beautiful serving pieces. They added the Grillware a few years ago and we love ’em! So, as you dig that grill out of the back of the garage or basement and clean away the cobwebs, add a few grilling essentials for all your fish, vegetable sauteing, steak, sauce preparations!
Clockwise: #1 item – the Vegetable Griller; you can score potatoes, put them on the spikes, place griller on grill & cook potatoes from inside out. ($36.95). The handled sizzle platter, perfect for a single lg. steak, a couple of sm. filets, asparagus, ($27.95). Then, we have the 13″ Au Gratin – good for any kind of sauteing you can think of. ($29.95). The griddle, can you say pancake ala dad on Sunday morning? ($41.95), and then we have the Grillware saucepot with a spout for minimal dripping ($22.95).
Not only would I say it is great fun for your own grill, but if you have a wedding gift you need, this is the one thing all our grooms have gotten excited over when they tag along with their bride to register! And, don’t forget Father’s Day….yes, I know it is 2 months away, but why not already know what to get that elusive guy on your list?


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