Don’t Cry – I’m Just Cookin’

Spoonulas to Goggles

Today Becca and I looked back at the pictures from our first days as the proprietors of the Silver Barn. Wow, what fun. Then, I looked around the store and noticed several things we have done in the last two years. Expanded our baby department, expanded bedding, added bath & body, added The Velvet Frog with her apparel and accessories and a little of this and a little of that. Not to mention just about doubling in size! Yeah, a few tweaks to make Silver Barn better for our customers. So, today we begin to unveil the next metamorphosis – an expanded bridal area and kitchen. What could we possibly do in the kitchen that would be unique and different – in accordance with our philosophy of always finding something fun and different, as well as useful. The Silver Barn now carries a great line of bamboo kitchen products. (Hey, our bamboo towels are fabulous…bamboo cutting boards & serving utensils will be too!). But my favorite product? The onion goggles. Yes, onion goggles!! Laugh all you want, but the next time you are crying from cutting onions you are going to think, “darn, I should’ve bought those onion goggles at the Silver Barn!!” And, while you are picking up your onion goggles, get one of the new silicone spoon-ulas!


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