Silver Barn – Baby Is 2!

San Antonio - Dec. 2007

I ran across a couple of pictures from before Silver Barn was, well, THE Silver Barn. It was like looking at pictures of a newborn on the baby’s 2nd birthday. The baby was perfect, but at 2, it was even better! Well, this baby has grown from a 10×10 booth to our two-story 2500 sq. feet vintage emporium. Becca and I have been lucky enough to succeed in a shaky economy, lucky enough to find great folks to work with us, and lucky enough to see our “baby” grow. Statistics say it is 5 years before you can consider your business successful and survivable, so I guess we still have 3 years to go, but I can tell you each day has been filled with all kinds of success – friends who stop in to visit, customers who come back over and over and tell us how much they love our store, and family who have supported us day in and day out. Thank you for the first 730 days – we look forward to the next 365!

Feb. 2008


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