Arika & Abner…A Love Story


Arika Bunny arrived at our store last week and immediately won the hearts of customers. She is a tall (in Easter bunny centerpiece averages), beautiful bunny and every store creature wanted to be featured on the same table with her. Late this week, Abner arrived, amazingly enough from the same town and company where she had departed from just a week before. The young, fun-loving boy rabbit fell in love the minute he saw the breathtaking Arika. The two locked eyes and it was love at first sight. The tall Arika and the little Abner were the IT couple and the talk of the store as they both maintained their centerpiece stance. Everyone who came to the store loved Arika and the cute, pudgy little Abner. They made everyone smile and excited to prepare their home for the Easter season.
However, the love was not meant to last as Arika is moving to New Jersey next week. This will be the last week for the two lovers from Columbus, OH who met and fell in love in Columbus, TX. Abner will be left to entertain the customers and keep that Easter spirit going. Unless of course, he moves with Arika! Happy Easter



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