The Velveteen Rabbits


The Velveteen Rabbit is a classic children’s book and then these two beautiful velveteen rabbits arrive at The Silver Barn. Children! Step Aside, these are momma’s rabbits! I love these two and have named them Roberta & Edward. No particular reason, the names just sound so V-E-R-Y British and proper…like these rabbits look, and at a stately 18″, they command attention. Hey, Diane, these rabbits might be the perfect thing for you mantle!!




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5 responses to “The Velveteen Rabbits

  1. Diane Tate

    Cyn, LOVE the rabbits. Too cute! Email me cost and size – especially depth. The ledge I’m thinking about is very tiny. Thanks! Diane

    • Will do in the a.m. They are not very wide.

      • Diane Tate

        Cyn, Want Edward AND Roberta. Will call you on Monday with CC#. Thank you, thank you, Cyn Puts a smile on my face in light of dad’s passing. Hugs.

      • They will be ready for the trip on Monday! They are so excited for the change of scenery..

      • Diane Tate

        Cyn, It is now 3.24.10 and I haven’t contacted you yet! So sorry. I’ve been on and off (more off than on). Hope to call you Friday (3.26.10) for bunnies. Dealing with much after dad’s funeral services. Appreciate your patience with me. 🙂 Hugs, Di

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