Happy Birthday Silver Barn

Silver Barn - 2009

March is a special month for me. For one, it is my wedding anniversary to a guy who has been my ultimate support. As Sandra Bullock said not long ago, “he always has my back.” Not to mention a heck of a box cutting ability! But, another anniversary is also at hand….Silver Barn hits the BIG – 2. We will soon embark on our third year in business. Some days I feel I have it figured out, only to have the next day come along and throw that swagger out the window. This was an exciting year on so many levels. I had the opportunity to share my favorite place to be with all my friends on Twitter, Facebook, and this blog. I had friends who started saying, “I told you so” a little louder as we hit another record. Thanks to Jackie for supporting…and being one of our best long-distance customers. Thanks to Diane, Laura, Leslie, Wendy and so many more for bringing Twitter to the Silver Barn cheering section…and being great customers! Thanks to Artoo, Vegas and Wrigley for helping us select great products and being the “warm and fuzzies” of The Silver Barn. Thanks to Debbie – our first real employee who makes Becca & I laugh and enjoy our store so much more. And, our customers who are online and out in the Twitter-verse, you are missing something by not having the “Debbie experience.” Come see us and pick up on the one thing we can’t relay through the blog, Twitter and Facebook…our “essence de fun”!!



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2 responses to “Happy Birthday Silver Barn

  1. Happy Birthday! Pat yourself on the back today! – Leslie

    • The day is actually this Saturday, but we’ll celebrate on the 20th – carpet didn’t come in for our bridal room in time! Know you understand that one!

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