The Bag That Screamed “SPRING”

Dash & Albert's "Taffy Stripe" - Under $60 It’s snowing…it’s pouring…oh my GOSH, when-will-this-end?
Well, let us take you away…even if it is only while you read this blog. As I watched pictures of 30″ of snow falling on our nation’s capital, I thought everyone could use a bit of color! Dash & Albert, a favorite for their bright colors and durability in their wool, cotton and poly propylene rugs, also makes these great rug bags. I got one when we first opened the store….nearly 3 years ago. Today it looks like I just brought it from the store! This “Taffy Stripe” bag just arrived at our store and it was as if I could hear the crashing waves and feel the warm sea air on my face…not to mention the soft, toasty sand squishing between my toes. “Aha,” I thought, “I’ll give my friends up north a visual break from all the white stuff!”
So, if you just need to see some bright colors to remind you that spring is coming, or, you need a great bag to carry your galoshes tonight and your bikini tomorrow…let your eyes enjoy the visual feast. We have tons of cool colors by the way – if you need “help” to see more of the Spring season!


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