Superbowl’s Coming….Got Dip?

Texas Traditions

If you are like me, The Super Bowl is a giant food fest in between those great plays (go Saints) and those great commercials (no, we don’t have a Super Bowl ad – yet!). Unless you are heading to Miami how about coming up with a Lombardi Trophy of dips? We carry Texas Traditions, which has become one of my favorite companies to go to when I want to create something fabulous. Anyone who was with us for our Ladies Night Out enjoyed the Pork Tenderloin created with two of the Texas Tradition products. So, here are some options for you:
Texas Hot Salt – sprinkle over popcorn and you have a WOW snack.
Jalapeno Ranch Dip Mix – mix with sour cream and mayonnaise and voila, Super Bowl worthy. Better yet? Looking for a Pro Bowl acknowledgment for your dip-pertise? Use the Jalapeno Ranch Dip with shredded cheddar, mayonnaise, pimentos and TOUCHDOWN, you have created Jalapeno Pimento Cheese Spread. Serve with crackers for a fabulous dip guys go wild for, and then put it on bread for an after-party snack.
Southwest Pepper Dip Mix – another easy, bree-zy dip. Drew would love it! Got mayonnaise and sour cream – add chips and you are smokin’ the competition.
These mixes run $7.95 and are fabulous for regular meals too. Salmon, lemon butter and Hot Salt! Dinner. Chicken seasoned with Jalapeno Ranch Dip Mix and olive oil – score a low fat meal (to cover all the chips from Super Bowl.) Another reason to love Texas Traditions? Diana, genius behind Texas Traditions has created a company by saving generations old recipes and transforming them for all of us to enjoy. How cool is that?
So, while you watch the New Orleans Saints earn their halos, be the angel of your event. Call us and we’ll cover your ‘blind side.’



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