Happy Holidays! Are YOU Kidding?


The glitter is barely swept off the floor and what to my wondering eyes does appear….why it’s Christmas time….AGAIN. Yes, while some of us are a bit slow and still working on Easter, the market is prepared for Holiday 2010. I’m not saying we didn’t catch up, but boy did Becca and I have to get in that Christmas spirit all over again! WHEW.
What is interesting to see is the vibrancy of color. What started as chartreuse for 2009 has spread across the rainbow spectrum to include strong jewel tones of purple, teal, garnet and tangerine. It will be a beautifully optimistic holiday if these colors hold true through the June market. Lots can change between now and then if customers/retailers don’t see this as something they can sell. What do we think? A rich, color scheme for the beginning of the new decade might be just the thing to bring optimism back to retail. I really believed in the strength of chartreuse and see it continuing this spring. If that holds true, then a bejeweled Christmas makes perfect sense. I’m ready, now are the rest of the retailers trolling these halls seeing it?


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