Market Day 2


I only wish I knew how many miles I’ve been walking each day. My pedometer died! No, seriously! So, Becca and I are just assuming we could walk from Dallas back home to Columbus and still not beat the miles we are adding here at The Dallas Market. But, in between the evaluating, contemplating….and walking, we are having fun. Market is more fun thus far it seems. Now, I realize this is only the first official day, but we are seeing new fun giftable ideas, great kitchen items and some great home decor. But, I am also seeing a lighter step in the vendors, they are more excited about the product directions of some of their designers. I’m seeing “fun” again in many areas. So far today, I must say CBK/Midwest has done the best job of redoing their showroom and blending two great companies. Colors, I’m still not seeing anything that pounds me on the head over and over, but there is a lot of tangerine, my favorite Chartreuse is coming back in springy shades and (are we surprised) pink for spring. Tomorrow – another day of finding great things – all the way to next holiday season!



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