To Market We Go

Vegas bids adieu

We are ready to go. Vegas packed the bags, posed for the picture test with the iPhone camera and says — have a good trip, find great stuff! The Dallas Market, to Dallas Market we go. THIS is on the top 10 of fun reasons why I love retail. We’ll send updates daily. Is tangerine really the “IN” color? Really? This sounds like shades of 1960’s avocado green! But, we’ll see. We’ll see what someone with a great vision than I has seen as something customers will want in 2010 and beyond. To all the designers and trendsetters out there – I salute you and look forward to seeing your vision…then finding a way to make it translate to my little corner of the retail world.
See you soon!



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2 responses to “To Market We Go

  1. Have a great adventure in Dallas!! Global Views, Imax, Goetz, Codarus— check them all out for me.
    I know you will find great things and rock the Casbah!

  2. Debbie Pierce

    First time tweeter. I’ll be singing the Left Behind blues this week:) Have fun and find lots of stuff for me to spend my paycheck on!

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