Who Loves Ya’ Baby?


With your normal blogger away at market I’m taking control of the daily posts. Yes, you’ve met Vegas, so-called spokescat and Wrigley, spokesdog for The Silver Barn, but I am actually the brains behind this operation. So, I felt it was a good time to take a moment and visit with you about an important subject – your resident sounding board – your pets. We love all those catalogs, they are great to sit on and view the world from a different perch. We love when you leave the computer on and open – nice warming pad. We don’t mind testing, smelling, licking samples, but please stop short of perfumes, not good. We listen when you mumble aloud and don’t ask “what? what?”. We help you with paperwork by sitting on it to keep it in place, and we help you count your deposits by moving the extra penny out of your way.
So, why, if we are willing to do all that, do you insist on bringing nothing back for us specifically? Are we that forgettable?
So, while you gallivant around the Dallas Market, partaking in free lunches, free drinks, and such, just remember who does the real job and bring us more than a free candle, body lotion sample or card. Find a darn pet snack, make our waiting for your return worth it.


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