And, a 1,2,3…cha, cha, cha!

Goodbye Holiday '09

As the hangover of a frantic retail holiday season wears off, the real headache begins – INVENTORY. Packing all those ornaments and garland is like trying to cram 30 clowns back in that tiny VW you see at the circus!
But, as I packed away all the chartreuse, red, white and glittery silver holiday goodies, I realized it is time capture that inspiration to wow customers next year. That is what makes retail so fun…coming up with new ideas, out-doing your own out-do! So, as I counted the 4 of these, 8 of those, I enjoyed one last glance back. What was the highlight of our holiday season? (Besides our customers of course?) It was the fabulous, jewel encrusted butterflies, the white flocked tree dressed in chartreuse and silver, and so much more. I’m so excited to find that one element that will serve as my building block for all the great things to come in the new year.
Now, as I head to market again I wonder what will excite and inspire. I hope you will join us as we bring the trends and ideas to life. Thanks to our customers, friends, family…you have all been our ultimate inspiration…to help you enjoy shopping again.


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