Advent Calendar Nears The End of The Countdown


As we come to the end of another holiday season for The Silver Barn. Can I say I learned anything that will help me determine what will be hot next holiday season? Are you kidding? I’ve learned holiday ornaments don’t sell one year and sell out the next. That brown and blue combined are still hot in Texas. I’ve learned that our customers are beginning to count on us to have something special and unique. So, even if I misstep a color, ornament style, or something next year, I’ll still have the one gift for someone special – our customer! As we look at the final 5 days, I must say how appreciative I am of the great staff we have managed to gather, a partner who endures my creative quirkiness, a daughter who is forging her own retail identity, a husband who handles all the heavy lifting and friends who come to the store every day supporting us in our endeavor to bring a world class store to our very special town. Thank you for letting me share a little bit of our store with you as well. Thanks to Twitter friends, thanks to Blog and Facebook friends…you have helped the Silver Barn ship all over the country. (Our UPS leader, Denise, thanks you too!).
For the final countdown days I’ll show a few of some of our last minute ideas. Then, my fellow retailers and customers, we’ll all begin again in 2010!



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2 responses to “Advent Calendar Nears The End of The Countdown

  1. Jackie

    Hmmm…what about your “old” friends from before twitter/blog/facebook time? Remember us too! (BTW, ornaments look FABULOUS, but my all time favorite is wine Santa!)

    • Boy, are you right! The real friends are the ones who have helped and supported us all along the way. Special thanks goes to you – the inspiration on so many levels!

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