How the Cherry Ball Chandelier was Born

Dressed for the Holidays

While digging through all those holiday boxes, deciding which ornaments to put on the tree, which to hold for another year, and which (gasp!) have seen their last Christmas, my husband brings in three boxes from his mother’s house that needed to be “reviewed.” My late mother-in-law had a stash of fabulous old ornaments. But what caught my eye? A box filled with plastic cherries. We are talking 100’s of plastic cherries. All brand new, well, 15+ years ago new. I’ve incorporated lots of family ornaments into our holiday tradition, that to me is what the holidays are all about. I want customers coming to our store to look for things that compliment memories from years past, not replace. So, after all these years, the cherries Mrs. Aline Stolle planned to use one holiday many years ago finally made their holiday debut – as the centerpiece of our “cherry ball chandelier”. For those who’ve visited our store, the crystals drops hanging down came from our upside down Christmas tree. See? New mixed with old. Happy holiday mixing!


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One response to “How the Cherry Ball Chandelier was Born

  1. Diane Tate

    Cynthia, Hi! Looking for Christmas finger/hand towels, Wine Bottle Covers (Santa perhaps?), hostess gifts basically. Let me know what you have in that gorgeous store of yours. Best, Diane.

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