Furniture Reborn

After - Ta-Da

One thing I love about shopping junk stores and antique auctions is finding that piece that cries out for someone to see its inner beauty. My barn is full of items that have something to say. Today, one of our pieces makes its post makeover debut. These pieces – from dressers to chairs, and dressers that became chairs, have a life still to live. Save the landfill for the trash and keep wood working. This is partly recycling, saving the environment, one piece of furniture at a time, and partly a creative expression, an outlet for my energy, a desire to see in living color what I see in my mind. So, today this little piece that spoke to me at my favorite furniture auction shows the world what only I could see just a few months ago. Welcome, precious bench. I now see you moving from our little store to a brightly colored child’s room where all the favorite toys reside, a favorite cat rests and many a book is read. Enjoy your new life.



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