Yummy cookies. $9.95

I should’ve probably done this in reverse with last night’s post of the tray today and the cookie kits last night. Oh well! The tray inspired me in many ways. So, it is cookie recipe night. How about Gingerbread Cookie Mix with a tiny little gingerbread cookie cutter? Or, Sparkly Snowflake Cookie Mix with a tiny snowflake? My favorite, the Chocolate Reindeer Cookie Mix with a tiny reindeer cookie cutter. I’ve looked for one of those cookie cutters for years, now I have them! HA. We also have Monkey Bread, whatever that means, and darling tubes filled with hot chocolate mix and complete with marshmellows and a tiny Santa hat sits on top! My grandmother would’ve been all over this to do with me. I can hear her now, bossing me around. I can hear my granddad asking me to tell grandma to hurry up and get the cookies done. Nothing like being the kid in the middle of a couple of 65 year old kids!! Ah, maybe I’ll get my 24 year old daughter to help me make a batch and start our own memories!
Want a cookie?


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