A Silly Little Deer = Fond Holiday Memories

Vintage Chirstmas I was talking to a floral designer recently who said he was surprised that whimsical was not as strong this holiday. I don’t think holiday is all one look or another. But, what do I know? He was talking about being surprised by how fast folks went back to a traditional look “in this economy.” I was surprised he didn’t see a traditional season coming. The theory is, in an uncertain economy folks want to feel, well, folksy, comfortable, remember better times – even if to them that was 1955 and they were 2!
I actually think a traditional Christmas is always strong for more reasons than an up or down economy.
Like when I saw these cute trays. They pulled on those heartstrings of a bygone era and I thought they’d be perfect! Perfect because I could see them filled with all kinds of holiday cookies made by my Aunt Hazel, then I caught hints of my grandpa’s Old Spice aftershave on his shirt collar as I cuddled in his arms reading stories on Christmas eve, and hearing my grandmother (with her hair in a net and her teeth in a jar), trying to rush me off to bed. I, like many of my customers love a traditional Christmas, not because of economic concern, but because folks we loved are no longer with us and a silly deer on a vintage looking tray helps bring them back as we create our own traditions for our children and grandchildren.
Someday, this tray will be pulled down from the attic for the 40th time, someone will tell a small child how they remember seeing it for the first time filled with Aunt so-and-so’s cookies. Traditional or whimsical, whatever your taste, remember to create a magical season for someone near.



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2 responses to “A Silly Little Deer = Fond Holiday Memories

  1. Laurel

    That’s a really cute tray, and I agree that keeping traditions is the best way to decorate for Christmas. I use all of my Grandpapa’s decorations for my house. Some of the stuff that he has were made by my Grandmama. Some things that she did were door runners that hang on the interior door in the front hall. Think of it as a table runner but it’s for the door, hangs, and has pockets to hold cards, candy canes, etc. She also made wreaths from materials around the house, and a few ornaments for the tree. I’ve even added to the collection and hopefully my grandchildren (someday) will want to keep these like I did.

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