Chartreuse – My Kind of Holiday Color!

holiday 017

Fabulous color $15.95

It was 100 degrees, it was summer in Dallas, it was when we had to pick our holiday colors, our theme, our look. What does one use for inspiration when you are hearing “Summer Time, Summer Time” on the radio and your walking around the Dallas Market Center in flip-flops and capris? THIS ornament. The minute I saw this ornament I heard “Oh Christmas Tree” and could see tiny angels flap their little wings! What a shade of green, what a mixture of jewel tones. What a way to say “new,” “trendy,” & “fabulous”! THAT is how the Chartreuse, Brown, Winter White, Peacock Blue & Silver holiday theme at The Silver Barn was born. holiday 014



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2 responses to “Chartreuse – My Kind of Holiday Color!

  1. Laura

    Love the color scheme you came up with! But most of all: I love chartreuse! I have always loved chartreuse! Even in high school (way back when!), and nobody knew what the heck I was talking about! I use it in my cards. I even have a set of fleece sweats in chartreuse!

    Ladies – it is a color that looks great on all skin types! So….stand next to some gorgeous ornaments in this color, and you look gorgeous too! 🙂

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