Vegas’ Picks for Pets

Vegas Loves a Nice Holiday Bed So, the “boss” asked me to come in and make a few suggestions for holiday gifts for the pets. First, all of my friends like a comfortable bed to contemplate – things. So, make your bed every day; we don’t want to sit in your lumps. We want to create our own.
Next, one of my favorite items was a clever doormat ($19.95) that basically says what all of us cats feel – we can hold our peeps ransom at any time…just so you know. I also like the new dinner and water bowls ($24.95) even though they do refer to a cat as “Fat Cat”. However, it is my understanding from the “boss” that they are based on vintage posters. I do like that they are raised, so I don’t have to bend over so far to eat my tasty nibbles. I also suggest to my kitty friends to eat their nibbles out of a plastic or metal dish, not ceramic. I got a terrible chin rash, ugh, not pretty! Now, I also liked this food mat, for those sloppy cats. I am fastidious, but it is nice to protect my area. But, this also allows me to read while I eat. I love The Daily Cat ($6.95). I do not like the sign….but, the “boss” does.Read My...MatVegas 011Vegas 013



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2 responses to “Vegas’ Picks for Pets

  1. Jackie

    Dogs deserve more too. Wrigley, assert yourself!

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