Thanksgiving is Every Day

Your seat friend! I have had a heck of a week and before we start all the fun to come, let me stop and say THANKS! Thanks for my Twitter friends who checked to make sure I was doing okay as I battled a cold and decorating 25 tables for a big charity event. Thanks for all my friends who came to the charity event this week and supported a great organization that does so much for Columbus. Thanks to Columbus Christian Women’s Organization for caring about all our citizens. Thanks to my new vendors I met through Twitter – @ImageGlow got candles to us in time for this event…and was part of the first centerpiece to be marked SOLD. Thanks to my daughter, known to my Twitter-posse as @thevelvetfrog; what a wonderful, smart young retailer is sprouting forth – she had great sales and handled herself beautifully. Thanks to my DH (Dear, Deer, Husband) who forfeited hunting Saturday afternoon to help us with the event, came to the Friday night party and served as the ultimate host.
So, this Thanksgiving – whether it is Thursday, November 26 or tomorrow morning – give thanks for every day. We are all lucky to have friends, customers, family who make every day special.What are you thankful for?  For $18.95 all will know!!


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