Felix’s New Home

The New Home Felix the cat has been a feature of our Halloween decor all month. He has carefully stood by as other wonderful Halloween treats made their way to a new home. He carried his buckets with pride to his post each morning, only to find his efforts unrewarded each evening. He saw his friends, Jinx, Buckets, Brenda and her broom, all the eyeball soaps, the spider bracelet crew, the cat on wheels and several of the other magical Halloween members move on to loving homes. What Felix did not know was that I secretly hoped he’d be coming home with me. See, I kind of have a thing for black cats for my Halloween decor. As we closed the door tonight I went to collect Felix. I could hear the sigh in his little stuffed cat body that, yes indeed, he WAS going to a home that would love him each year. He sat in the front seat for the ride home. I didn’t even bother wrapping him. As we approached the mantle, every black cat and Jack-O-Lantern moved a bit to make room for their new friend. Felix was excited to arrive at his new perch, buckets in hand and joining others who have made their way to our mantle from stores in Chicago, New York, Houston and other points along the way. Finally, Felix was able to say, “Happy Halloween” with a little extra emphasis on Happy!Felix at the Store


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