The Story of James – Our Ghost

Funeral Directors and Embalming! James is our, well, resident spirit. I don’t mean spirited customer, I mean real, live (er, not live) resident. As we close in on Halloween and All Saints Day, I thought it was a good time to introduce James.
Our building has gone through many changes in over 100 years. But, there was a point when upstairs a funeral home existed. At one point in the mid 40’s, the story goes, a body was found on the train tracks. In those days few had the kind of identification on them that we have today. Between the driver’s license, credit cards and cell phone, today, you could not only identify the victim, you could tell their life story. But, the poor soul who died along the Columbus railroad tracks had only one identifying item – his belt which had the name “James” tooled across the back. “James” laid in state on the top floor of 1120 Milam for three weeks. All residents were invited and encouraged to come by and see if they could identify him so he could receive a proper burial. Customers have come to the store recited this tale and remembering when their parents went upstairs to see if they knew “his people.” “James” was never identified and was eventually interred in the Columbus Cemetery, leaving a local question never answered.
As the years have gone by various residents of the building have reported strange occurrences. Tables moving, lights flickering, etc. When we first were moving in to the building all sorts of things would fall, move from place to place, or generally ‘feel’ strange. Now, we know it is just “James” letting us know he is still there, keeping us company, approving (and sometimes disapproving) of our decorating decisions, and knowing he has a home – forever with the gang at The Silver Barn.
So, enjoy Halloween, dress like your favorite goblin or ghoul and remember our friend James, he’s the guy looking over your shoulder, subtly helping you select the perfect gift the next time you visit ourJames, no just spooky decor! store.


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