The Winning Avatar

Vegas, Shopping

Vegas, Shopping

I am the visiting avatar this week on Twitter. Why, you ask? What happened to Wrigley? (The ugly white dog). It’s simply. She’s stupid…I can read. She points to pictures. She loves baths. She rides around with the wind running through her ears. I? I can read. I can shop pet catalogs and help with vital pet product suggestions. I can go to the store and not jump on people, not be disruptive. I am basically, well, perfect. Besides, stupid…er, Wrigley, got to be in a recent blog post. I was left out of the pet shampoo endorsement opportunity. I was busy reading. Remember, reading those catalogs, trying to find new products for the folks to buy. I was working. Wrigley can’t go to the store – she jumps on people; she frightens the UPS driver, Denise. She steals baby toys and mom has to buy them. I go to the store and entertain. I hide under tables so children can stoop down and look eye-to-eye with a friend. (Please don’t pet the kitty, kitty is rather particular as to whom she allows to pet her.) Wrigley is not particular at all; she’d let a cat-hater hug all over her. Geez, as I said, stupid dog.
So, as you celebrate Halloween this week, protect your pets. If you MUST dress them up, please use some level of taste. Do YOU want to be dressed as a giant hot dog? I think not. If you are on Twitter, change your avatar to show a member of your family who loves you (for the most part) unconditionally. Let your pets have their moment in the Twitter sun. You get to hog all the air space the rest of the year.
Enjoy your pets. Enjoy your day.
Vegas, spokes-cat, The Silver Barn


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