The Bet

Some of our Texas Tastings

Some of our Texas Tastings

So, as I was watching the Bears vs. Falcons game last night on Sunday Night Football, I was Twittering as well. As I tweeted my love for my darling Bears, a voice from the Falcon Farm spoke! My friend, @countertoplady and I put together a friendly wager across the vast Twitterland. I offered up some of our delicious BBQ sauce provided by Columbus’ own Van Roehling, and a top seller at our store. She, offered something delicious from her peach-filled neck of the woods. Through four quarters we bantered; you’d think we were in the same room. It was some of the most fun I’ve had short of a full-blown party. In fact, it was more fun…didn’t have to entertain the masses…well, it was fun until the end. My beloved Bears fell to the Falcons and I picked a BBQ sauce to eat with their delicious bear-kabobs! So, in honor of Atlanta where all things are from Peaches…I am sending @countertoplady our Whiskey Peach BBQ Sauce. Enjoy. And, for the rest of you….another reason to love Twitter…game on! more web 023


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