Pine Cone Hill

Pine Cone Hill

That’s all I can say – yum! We got our new bedding from Pine Cone Hill and as soon as we put it on our bed we all stood and sighed. You’d think Fabio was in the building. Weird to get excited about bedding? I don’t think so. We spend so much time there it should be as inviting as can be. There is nothing better than an inviting bed with luxurious fabrics and fibers calling you to enjoy at the end of the day. What is the one thing you think about when you are on a flight home after a long trip? Your very own bed! So, Pine Cone Hill made sure you enjoyed every aspect of that bed by creating great products. Since we moved our bedding upstairs where customers could really enjoy the beauty of the product it has sold itself. And, as an owner of Pine Cone Hill sheeting, I can tell you, it is as easy care as it is wonderful to the touch. Now, this new lamb’s ear coverlet is my newest coveted item; if you come to the store and see it in person, you will love it too. We and our customers love it so much we are thinking we might have to put up ropes to keep customers from crawling in for a little nap!


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