Fall Into a Fluffy Robe!



Today we had our first blush with fall weather. I say “blush” more because it still hit the mid-70’s so you could easily blush from too much exertion before you had a blush in your cheeks from the crisp fall air! But, I digress. With our first “blush” of cool weather it makes one want to dig out the sweaters, winter cords…and find that kooshy, fluffy robe for cool nights by the fire. Now, in Texas cozy nights by the fire usually involve the a.c. going full blast, but still…you get the idea. Well, as fall finally gets underway I saw this as a time to show the best reason to warm up to the season…the fluffy, fun, pet-able robe by Swankie Blankie. We love this robe for its sex appeal, its warm, furry leopard pattern and its satin interior, perfect for those Texas winter nights. We hope everyone enjoys this delightful fall and winter season and curls up in their favorite, fluffy robe and enjoys touring our store from the comfort of their sofa!


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