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I joined the world of Twitter about seven months ago, and in that time my world has changed. I’ve made friends, real friends. Some have visited our store, some have visited our blog and I value each and every friend I’ve made. Friends like @Wendy_Bowser who I met through a Twitterjam class. She hasn’t missed an event with us; I’d be sad if she weren’t able to be a part of our celebrating. While thanking Twitterjam I must mention @MattiGray who taught the class that started me on this Twitter path. Must also say thanks to #350 Project and @CindaBaxter. We now proudly support and promote shopping locally. I hold dear my Twitter friends – @tkpleslie, @kathyireland, @KDepp, @CESlsu, @RetailMinded, & @Luxuryforthehom. I could go on for hours, and each of these wonderful people make me want to do a better job in the social media world and in my store.
Now, we’ve been featured as Retailer of the Month thanks to @Chicago_Market; we now write a column for Gift Shop News thanks to Twitter and our blog. We’ve been interviewed by the New York Times for our Twitter Tweets. We’ve been included in @CountryBizMag and we have brought our little store in the center of an old historic town square to millions.
I mention all of this as a way to say, before the craziness of the holiday season hits, thanks to each and every one of my Twitter-ati for making this year a great year and making it so fun to write and improve the blog and store each day.
From Wrigley, my little Twitter partner, and me…let us say..woof-woof, thanks-thanks.



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5 responses to “Twitter & Me

  1. I am so honored to be included in your list of Twitter-ati! It has been such a pleasure getting to know you and your store, and to learn of all the creative, exciting, and customer-centric things that you do. I wish for you a wonderful Holiday season and success in all that you do. I am proud to be considered a “friend” in your stellar group.

  2. Right back atcha, sister. Glad to have you in my tweet-filled world too! Thanks for all you do to help promote The 3/50 Project. Every voice out there counts….

    Here’s to big things ahead for all the little guys out there,

    Cinda Baxter
    The 3/50 Project

  3. Great article Cynthia.

    Wow- the power of Twitter and how it has benefited The Silver Barn! Inspiring!
    It’s an investment in time to Tweet, and now there is proof of ROI.


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