Halloween at Home

SIS Ranch Halloween

SIS Ranch Halloween

I thought it might be fun to show how I interpret Halloween based on the fun things I’ve found over the years. Each one of these items I’ve found at one fun store after another. That is what makes a holiday decor so special – it is the story behind each item; it’s how you mix the things you find together to create a story. I have always loved vintage looking pumpkins, especially if they look like black cats. So, from Chicago to Dallas, from Springfield, MO to NYC, I have picked up each and every one of my finds….including a piece or two in my favorite store – The Silver Barn!
When you are creating a holiday look for your home, don’t let it look too staged, too “themed”. Give yourself time to build your collection. Feel free to edit. What worked in 1990 might not fit in with your style today. That’s what garage sales are for! Or, maybe that piece you bought when you had your first home is still the center of everything you like and want for Halloween…or any seasonal display. Now you want to freshen things. A few of the little mice we used in our store made their way home with me. Before the season is over, a few more may make their way to SIS Ranch. They are so cute and can look fun and interesting “climbing” in and out of the pumpkins. Remember, it’s the little extras that make a display unique. It’s the things that make friends and family explore all you have done and see something new each time they visit. Just like in the store, I like my displays to almost captivate and let the imagination run wild. I love helping customers select and create things with their own ideas. It always amazes me when someone comes in to the store and says, “I can never make it look right.” I say, there is no right. There is only what pleases you and your family to worry about. Enjoy what you create. I mean, afterall, how can there be a right or wrong way to display a bunch of pumpkins?!


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